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NEP Will Soon Be Implemented Step-by-Step: Madan Dilawar

Rajasthan’s education minister, Madan Dilawar, who has made headlines for his controversial words, adhered to his comments on Akbar and claims that the creator of aviation was an Indian on Sunday, claiming that the New Education Policy (NEP) will be implemented in the state step by step shortly.

Speaking at his house, Dilawar stated that the NEP will be implemented in the state in exactly as it is and the BJP government is forming a committee for the purpose.

He said that based on the committee’s recommendations, NEP will be implemented step by step. The policy should have been implemented in 2020 when it was announced, but the “apathy” of the previous Congress government delayed it, he alleged.

On his earlier statement that an Indian had invented the airplane and his remarks on Mughal emperor Akbar, Dilawar iterated that he said all these on the basis of history and that he himself did not claim anything.

The public should be informed of this, he added. “I made an effort to tell the people that the invention of aircraft has been recorded in the names of the Wright Brothers. However, a scientist named (Shivkar Bapuji) Talpade had already flown aircraft in Mumbai. Also, Indian scientist Dilip Mahalanabis did research on ORS that saved 30 percent of people from death,” he said. Dilawar claimed that he said Akbar was an invader based on history.

“It is publicly known that he (Akbar) would hold Meena Bazar and would abduct beautiful women from there. He would rape them as he was a rapist. A rapist would be called a rapist, not god,” he said. On the question of including all these things in the school syllabus, he said everything cannot be included in the syllabus. But these facts should be brought in public knowledge through discussions, meetings and publicity by mouth, he said.

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