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NEP 2020 is Being Actively Implemented by States  Says Dharmendra Pradhan

According to recent statements made by Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, practically every state is putting the National Education Policy 2020 into practice. According to him, states that  even states that seemed reluctant are indeed implementing the policy, although they are using different terminology.

“I am happy. Let them be satisfied with using different terminology. But, with full responsibility, I can say almost all states are implementing National Education Policy 2020 which is a very philosophical and historical document,” said the education minister, when asked about the present status of NEP 2020, as reported by PTI.

Speaking at IIT Hyderabad, the minister has just opened IInvenTiv 2024.

During his speech, the minister expressed his happiness that the innovation showcase has expanded to include institutions outside of IITs, as PTI reported.

He went on to say that IInveTiv is positioned to become a well-known brand in the innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship industries.

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