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NCERT introduces Bridge Month Programme for Class 6

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has initiated a significant shift in pedagogical approaches, aligning with the National Curriculum Framework for School Education (NCF-SE) and the new National Education Policy (NEP). This shift calls for a move from traditional, content-focused teaching methods towards more dynamic, competency-based approaches.

To facilitate this transition, NCERT is launching a month-long bridge course for teachers aimed at familiarizing them with the new syllabi and textbooks, particularly for Classes 3 and 6.

These courses will introduce teachers to innovative pedagogical tools emphasizing fun-based, play-based, and discovery-based activities, departing from routine teacher-guided activities. Moreover, there is a transition from assessing selected abilities to holistic assessment methods.

Incorporating the principles outlined in the NCF-SE, the new curriculum emphasizes competencies over mere content retention. This involves a shift from a chapter-centric to a curricular-centric approach and from a whole-language approach to balanced literacy. The curriculum also integrates vocational skills starting from Class 6 and discourages regimented streaming of subjects such as commerce, science, and humanities.

The bridge course document suggests a restructured timetable for Grade 6, allowing for a month-long immersion in engaging activities to ease the transition for students accustomed to a textbook-centric approach. Activities, experiments, and games are designed for subjects like science and social studies, encouraging both indoor and outdoor participation.

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Teachers are encouraged to design activities that prompt students to apply textbook concepts, fostering deeper understanding and practical application. Vocational education is also highlighted, with projects like planting flowers serving as practical examples.

While new textbooks for Classes 3 and 6 are set to be released soon, revisions for other classes will follow in subsequent academic sessions. This phased approach aims to ensure a smooth transition to the updated curriculum across all levels of education.

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(Source: NDTV)

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