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NCERT and NCF Advocate Biannual Exams to Enhance Student Learning Opportunities

The National Council of Educational Research and Training has announced that final exams will be offered twice a year to provide students with “time and opportunity.”

NCERT stated in the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) for School Education, 2023, that this will be feasible by developing a “comprehensive test item bank” that can be utilized to design exams using appropriate software.

This will allow for the transition to an on-demand examination system in the near future, it noted.

According to the existing board system, with only one exam every year, students do not have the opportunity to take it when they are ready, nor do they get a second chance to pass it if they fail the first time.

Concerning existing board exam problems, the NCF claims that they primarily focus on students’ “ability to reproduce learned facts,” which is not what tests are intended for.

Given that most examinations primarily measure rote memory, a very narrow range of Competencies is assessed. This provides an incomplete (at best) or erroneous (at worst) picture of student learning,” according to the NCF.

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Source: HT

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