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Nana Patekar Returns to Silver Screen as Dr. Balram Bhargava in “The Vaccine War”

Nana Patekar, the Indian actor, known for his exceptional versatility, has made a remarkable comeback to the big screen after a hiatus of nearly five years. Nana Patekar’s portrayal of Dr. Balram Bhargava, Director-General of the Indian Council of Medical Research, in the upcoming film “The Vaccine War,” directed by Vivek Agnihotri of “The Kashmir Files” fame, has created a buzz in the film industry.

In a recent media interaction held in New Delhi, Nana Patekar shared insights into his decision to take on the role of Prof. Bhargava, his experience working alongside director Vivek Agnihotri, and the profound reasons behind declining a role in Hollywood opposite Leonardo Di Caprio.

Nana Patekar’s decision to embrace the character of Dr. Balram Bhargava was rooted in a deep desire to shed light on the unsung heroes behind India’s indigenous Covid-19 vaccine, Covaxin. He emphasized his motivation to reveal the untold story of the scientists who worked tirelessly to protect the nation during the pandemic. Remarkably, when it came to remuneration, Nana Patekar’s commitment to the project transcended monetary considerations. He declared, “Even if you would give me Rs 1, or even if you would not pay me, I would also work and play this role, and this story should come in front of people.”

“The Vaccine War” delves into the challenges and sacrifices faced by scientists during the pandemic. Nana Patekar confessed that the script was a departure from his usual fare, requiring a deep understanding of technical terms and scientific intricacies. His dedication to the role was evident as he immersed himself in research to bring authenticity to his portrayal.

When asked about his experience working with Vivek Agnihotri, Nana Patekar lauded the director’s unwavering commitment to his craft. He described Agnihotri as a dedicated and hyper-focused director who left no stone unturned to ensure the film’s success. Despite not having watched “The Kashmir Files” or any of Agnihotri’s previous works, Nana Patekar found their collaboration to be a rewarding experience.

Nana Patekar also shed light on his decision to decline Hollywood projects, citing language barriers and concerns about the roles offered. He expressed reluctance to take on roles that contradicted his image among fans, especially children. However, he did reminisce about a unique project, “The Pool,” where he took a role offered by a low-budget film unit that admired his talent.

His return to the silver screen as Dr. Balram Bhargava promises to be a compelling and thought-provoking experience for audiences eager to witness his unparalleled acting prowess once again.

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Source: Wion News

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