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Mumbai DJ’s Plea Rejected in Sharjah Court; Alleged Framing in Drug Case Unfolds

In a recent development, a Sharjah court has dismissed an appeal by Mumbai-based DJ Clayton Rodrigues, who is facing a 25-year jail term on alleged drug-related charges. Rodrigues claims to be a victim of framing orchestrated by Anthony Paul, with this being the second such case attributed to the accused.

Allegations Against Anthony Paul

Anthony Paul, a Mira Road-based baker, and his accomplice Rajesh Borate were arrested in April by the Mumbai Police crime branch. The duo was accused of seeking revenge on five individuals by sending them to Sharjah with articles containing drugs. While three individuals managed to avoid legal consequences, Rodrigues and actor Chrisann Pereira were caught with drugs.

Rodrigues’ Story Unveiled

Rodrigues became a target due to a comment he made during a family trip in 2022, leading to Paul’s resentment. In January, on Paul’s instructions, Borate posed as an event manager and offered Rodrigues a job in Sharjah. As Rodrigues was about to fly on February 6, Borate gave him a cake laced with drugs.

Legal Proceedings and Appeal Rejection

The Mumbai Police crime branch revealed that Paul informed Sharjah airport authorities about Rodrigues carrying drugs in the cake. Upon inspection, drugs were found, leading to Rodrigues’ arrest. Despite the Mumbai Police filing charges stating Rodrigues was framed, the Sharjah High Court rejected his appeal. Now, the case is expected to be taken to the Supreme Court in Abu Dhabi.

Hope for Justice

While Rodrigues remains imprisoned, there is optimism that the Supreme Court will consider the possibility of him being framed. The Mumbai Police emphasizes that Rodrigues is an innocent victim in Paul’s vendetta against him.

Similar Cases and Acquittal

The report draws parallels with the case of Mohammad Shaheed and Oniba Qureshi, a Mumbai-based couple unwittingly used as drug mules and arrested by Qatar authorities in 2019. Despite initial conviction, their acquittal in 2021, after it was revealed they were unaware of the narcotics in a bag they were asked to carry, offers a glimmer of hope for Rodrigues.

This unfolding saga highlights the complexities of international legal cases and the importance of a thorough examination of evidence in ensuring justice is served.

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