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Mumbai Billionaire Niranjan Hiranandani Takes Local Train to Beat Traffic

Real estate mogul and billionaire Niranjan Hiranandani, co-founder and managing director of Hiranandani Group, surprised many as he opted for Mumbai’s local train for a commute. The 73-year-old shared a video of his short journey on Instagram, showcasing him waiting on the platform and boarding the AC coach. Hiranandani, in the caption, highlighted that he chose the train to save time and escape Mumbai’s infamous traffic, referring to the experience as insightful.

Public Transport Praise

The video quickly gained attention, amassing more than 22 million views. Commenters on social media praised Hiranandani for using public transport, emphasizing the significance of influential figures embracing such practices. Many expressed admiration for his down-to-earth approach and urged other business leaders to follow suit for the betterment of society.

Mixed Reactions on Coach Choice

While the majority commended Hiranandani, some Instagram users pointed out that he boarded the handicapped coach, which is reserved for individuals with physical disabilities, pregnant women, and cancer patients. Despite this observation, the overall response to the billionaire’s train journey was positive, with individuals lauding the potential impact on pollution reduction and infrastructure development if more leaders adopt similar practices.

Niranjan Hiranandani’s decision to travel via Mumbai’s local train not only showcased a willingness to experience the city’s lifeline but also sparked conversations about the positive influence such actions can have on the broader community.

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