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Mohammed Aashiq Wins The MasterChef India Season 8

Mangalore’s culinary maestro, Mohammed Aashiq, has been crowned the winner of MasterChef India Season 8 in a nail-biting finale that premiered on SonyLiv. Competing against formidable opponents, Nambie Jessica Marak and Rukhsaar Sayeed, Aashiq’s culinary prowess and determination secured him the coveted title.

In a heartfelt congratulatory message, judge Ranveer Brar expressed admiration for Aashiq’s inspirational journey, stating, “From an inspirational start to a challenging journey, you never stopped daring for more. Congratulations on becoming the MasterChef Mohd. Ashiq.” Pooja Dhingra, another judge of the season, joined in the celebration, remarking, “After 6 long weeks, multiple challenges, we finally have our MasterChef for this season today. Congratulations MasterChef Mohd. Ashiq.”

Judge Vikas Khanna also celebrated Aashiq’s victory, sharing, “And the WINNER is Mohammed Ashiq @ashiqrex. After not being selected in the last season, he worked harder, kept learning and preparing for the next opportunity. Hats off to you. He has our heart and the trophy of MasterChef India. Stay blessed and keep shining.”

In response to his win, Mohammed Aashiq expressed gratitude for the transformative journey on MasterChef India. Reflecting on his path from facing elimination to lifting the trophy, he stated, “This experience has completely reshaped my life, and winning this esteemed title feels surreal.” Aashiq dedicated his victory to all dreamers who defy the odds to pursue their aspirations.

Aashiq, hailing from Mangalore’s coastal region, ran a juice shop in his city before participating in MasterChef India Season 8. As the sole breadwinner of his family, his journey on the show showcased resilience, determination, and a profound love for culinary craftsmanship. Despite facing elimination in the previous season (MasterChef India 7), Aashiq’s comeback showcased growth and an unwavering commitment to his culinary dreams.

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