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Mirzapur Season 3: Riveting Review of the Latest Season

The makers of the Prime Video series have upped the ante by giving the women of Mirzapur more daring roles. Rasika Dugal and Shweta Tripathi Sharma stand out in their performances.

Six years ago, in 2018, Mirzapur introduced us to a gritty and violent world with characters like Kaleen Bhaiyaa. The show, available on Prime Video, changed the Indian gangster genre. Now, in its third season, the show brings back its colorful gangsters, corrupt cops, and politicians.

Indian cinema has many gangster stories, but writer Avinash Singh Tomar and director Gurmmeet Singh have made this old story feel fresh and satisfying.

Mirzapur 3 picks up where Season 2 ended. Munna Tripathi (Divyenndu) is dead, Sharad Shukla (Anjum Sharma) has saved Kaleen Bhaiyaa’s (Pankaj Tripathi) life, and Guddu (Ali Fazal) and Golu (Shweta Tripathi Sharma) now rule Mirzapur. But will Kaleen Bhaiyaa let go of his power so easily? This question keeps you hooked throughout the ten episodes.

To fully understand Mirzapur 3, it’s important to be familiar with the first two seasons. With many new characters and their backstories, you need to pay close attention to follow the plot. The show hints there will be more seasons before the story concludes.

The early episodes set the tone with impressive camerawork and witty dialogues, even during tense moments.

Expect plenty of violence, threats, and confrontations among gangsters, as they try to maximize their profits in the gun and drug trade. Writer Tomar skillfully uses old clichés, reminding viewers why they enjoyed them initially. However, the show demands your full attention from start to finish.

In Mirzapur 3, women take on more daring roles. Golu, Beena Tripathi (Rasika Dugal), Madhuri, and Dimpy Pandit show they are just as fierce and capable as the men. The era of women being only damsels in distress is over.


Pankaj Tripathi, as always, is excellent as Kaleen Bhaiyaa, delivering a subtle yet powerful performance. Ali Fazal is equally good in his role as the ruthless “King of Mirzapur.” But Rasika Dugal and Shweta Tripathi Sharma steal the show. The series loses some momentum when they are not on screen.

The rest of the cast is also strong, especially Vijay Varma as one of the Tyagi brothers torn between love and revenge, and Rajesh Tailang, whose ideals are tested in jail. Isha Talwar and Anjum Sharma also give notable performances.

The smart dialogues keep you engaged through the intense action sequences. If you’re not familiar with Hindi, it might be helpful to have a dictionary or use subtitles.

Mirzapur 3 dives deep into the lives of gangsters, showing their dark world and the consequences of their actions. While the series occasionally slows down, the stunning production design ensures every scene looks great. The show includes all the elements that fans love: strong violence, profanity, suspense, shocking deaths, comedy, romance, and heartbreak.

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