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Ministry of Culture Launches New Science Museums Nationwide

Under the Scheme for Promotion of Culture of scientific (SPoCS), the Ministry of Culture is establishing new scientific centers/museums around the country. The National Council of Science Museums (NCSM), an autonomous body under the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, is the implementing agency for the SPoCS Scheme’s development of Science Centres/Cities/Museums/Innovation Hubs.

Details about new science museums that have opened throughout the country during the previous four years, organized by state and year, are appended at Annexure.

All Science Centres are open to the general public, including high school and college students.

Furthermore, local NCSM Science Centres offer a variety of yearly programs for school and college students, such as Science Fairs, Science Seminars, Science Drama, Science Demonstration Lectures, Traveling Science Exhibitions, and so on.

Furthermore, all ASI site museums are available to the public. On exceptional occasions, kids from nearby schools are also invited to participate in a variety of cultural events, contests, history walks, and other activities. Museum admission is free for students under the age of 15.

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