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Mines Ministry Initiates Auction of 20 Critical Mineral Blocks: Secretary VL Kantha Rao

In the next two weeks, the Ministry of Mines will auction off 20 blocks of vital minerals, such as lithium and graphite, according to Mines Secretary Shri V.L. Kantha Rao. Speaking with the media today following the opening of the mining pavilion “Connecting Beyond Mining” at the India International Trade Fair 2023 (IITF), the secretary announced that indigenous technology will be investigated for the mining and processing of critical minerals.

In his virtual message, Union Minister of Coal, Mines, and Parliamentary Affairs Shri Pralhad Joshi stated,

“Minerals are integral part of our daily life and mineral serve as raw material for many industries but are also crucial and vital to energy transition to a low carbon-emission economy, and renewable energy technologies that will be required to meet the ‘Net Zero’ commitment as declared by our Hon’ble Prime Minister.”

In his virtual message, Minister of State for Coal, Mines and Railways Shri Raosaheb Patil Danve congratulated the officials on the pavilion’s setup and stated that India is working toward achieving self-reliance in every sector, with the mining industry not falling behind in achieving this goal. The purpose of the Ministry of Mines’ participation in the “India International Trade Fair” is to highlight the industry’s prospects and achievements.

The government has recently established a list of essential minerals, which includes new-age minerals like lithium, cobalt, and titanium. These minerals are crucial for supplying the demands of cutting-edge technology industries like electronics, telecommunications, transportation, and defense.

The government has implemented significant changes in recent years to allow private involvement in the mining industry, particularly in mineral exploration. Today, there are many accredited private exploration agencies empanelled to step up the pace of exploration in the country.

The Ministry of Mines is exhibiting a cutting-edge mining pavilion at IITF, Pragati Maidan from November 14–27, 2023, to raise public awareness of the ground-breaking reforms taking place in the mining and mineral sector.

The main draws of the 506 square meter Mining Pavilion, which is located in Hall No. 5, are the Virtual Reality Experience, which provides a closer look at the mines; the Kids Zone, which uses interactive games to teach kids about minerals and mines; Interactive Digital Communication within the Pavilion; and the Recycling Workshops.

The initiative’s goal is to raise public awareness of the vital role minerals play in our daily lives, impacting everything from the items on our plates to the creation of electricity, the batteries in our phones, and even the manufacturing of medications. Minerals and mines are essential to our everyday existence.

Minerals are essential to human advancement. They are not only essential for many industries as raw materials, but they also drive the world’s shift to a low-carbon economy and the renewable energy technologies needed to achieve the “Net Zero” goal.

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Source: PIB

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