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Megastar Chiranjeevi’s Birthday Celebrated with Special Tribute by Kalki 2898 AD Team

On the occasion of Telugu cinema legend Megastar Chiranjeevi’s birthday, a wave of celebrations has swept through the industry. With a career spanning four decades, Chiranjeevi has not only enthralled audiences but also served as an inspiration to countless filmmakers, actors, and technicians. Heartfelt wishes are pouring in from every corner to honor this iconic figure.

The team behind the upcoming film “Kalki 2898 AD” paid a special tribute to Megastar Chiranjeevi. In a surprise move, they unveiled a sneak peek from the editing room, citing their inspiration from “Chiru Leaks.” This teaser featured Prabhas, the PAN India star, reenacting a memorable scene from Chiru’s blockbuster “Gang Leader.” The scene involved Chiru wielding a portable gas burner, a beloved moment among his fans.

Prabhas, known for his mass appeal, beautifully recreated the same scene, and his charismatic presence shone in the brief video shared by the Kalki 2898 AD team. The accompanying social media post from the makers resonated, stating, “Straight from the hearts and editing room of Kalki 2898 AD.” Notably, Prabhas has openly expressed his deep admiration for Chiranjeevi on multiple occasions, further enhancing the significance of this homage.

This video tribute is swiftly gaining traction across various social media platforms, capturing the hearts of fans and followers alike. As the virtual sphere resonates with excitement, this heartfelt gesture continues to honor the enduring legacy of Megastar Chiranjeevi on his birthday.

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