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Mangaluru Airport receives bomb threat, email says several airports..!

On Wednesday, Mangaluru International Airport police conducted a huge search after receiving an email claiming that bombs had been planted inside “one of your planes and inside the airport.”

The airport was one among numerous airports around the country that received threat emails from a self-professed terrorist outfit named ‘Funing’.

The email stated that bombs were stashed within the plane and airport and would detonate in a few hours. The senders described themselves as a “terrorist group called Funing” in the email.

‘xonocikonoci10@beeble.com’ sent the email.

“There are explosives inside of one of your planes. But also inside of your airport. The explosives are well hidden, and they will go off in a few hours. I will kill you all. WE ARE A TERRORIST GROUP CALLED; ‘Funing’”,” it said.

The email was discovered by airport officials on Wednesday morning. They notified Mangaluru Police. Authorities began a search operation at Mangaluru International Airport.

Despite hours of searching, the cops found nothing suspicious.

Security has been ramped up outside the airport, according to Mangalore Police Commissioner Anupam Agarwal. Additional checkpoints had been put up, and officials were conducting anti-sabotage and bomb searches at the airport.

A police report has been filed in connection with the event.

Earlier this month, numerous Bengaluru schools got an email informing them that explosives had been hidden inside them. After evacuating thousands of kids, officials investigated the schools but discovered nothing. The emails were later shown to be a hoax.

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Source: HT

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