Majestic Transformation Unveiled: Delhi CM House Renovation Costs ₹52 Crore

Vigilance Submits Comprehensive Report to the Lieutenant Governor, Detailing Expenditure Breakdown


In a remarkable revelation, the Vigilance Directorate of the Delhi government has submitted a comprehensive “factual report” to the Lieutenant Governor, shedding light on the extensive renovation of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s official residence. The report reveals that the renovation project incurred a total expenditure of ₹52.71 crore, encompassing ₹33.49 crore for the construction of the house and ₹19.22 crore for a dedicated camp office for the CM.

The grandeur of the transformation is evident in the substantial investment made to revamp the Chief Minister’s residence, solidifying its position as a symbol of pride and prestige. The meticulous planning and execution of the renovation project have resulted in an exquisite transformation, showcasing a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The comprehensive “factual report” meticulously outlines the expenditure breakdown, providing transparency and accountability in the renovation process. The report confirms that ₹33.49 crore was allocated towards the construction of the residence itself, ensuring every aspect meets the highest standards of architectural excellence.

Additionally, ₹19.22 crore was dedicated to establishing a camp office specifically designed to cater to the Chief Minister’s official duties. This camp office serves as a hub for administrative activities, facilitating seamless governance and efficient decision-making.

The renovation project signifies the commitment of the Delhi government to create a dignified and conducive work environment for Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. The substantial investment not only enhances the functional aspects of the residence but also adds an exquisite touch of elegance, befitting the stature and responsibilities of the esteemed Chief Minister.

As the Lieutenant Governor reviews the comprehensive report submitted by the Vigilance Directorate, it underscores the transparency and diligence with which the renovation process was carried out. The report serves as a testament to the responsible utilization of resources, ensuring that each rupee spent was justified and accounted for.

The renovated Delhi CM House stands as a testament to the city’s commitment to progressive governance and visionary leadership. It embodies the spirit of providing a distinguished and functional space for the Chief Minister, reflecting the aspirations and values of the people of Delhi.

The extensive renovation, with a total expenditure of ₹52.71 crore, reinforces the belief in creating a conducive environment for effective governance. It showcases the city’s dedication to fostering a dynamic and inspiring atmosphere that befits the vision and responsibilities of the Chief Minister.

With the submission of the comprehensive report, the Vigilance Directorate has showcased its commitment to ensuring accountability and transparency in the renovation process. The meticulous breakdown of expenditure highlights the responsible utilization of funds, assuring the citizens of Delhi that their resources were utilized judiciously.

The renovated Delhi CM House now stands as an architectural marvel, symbolizing the progressive spirit of the city and serving as a testament to the pursuit of excellence in governance. It serves as an iconic representation of the values and aspirations of Delhi, where visionary leadership and responsible stewardship converge to shape a brighter future.


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