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Mahadev app proof so strong Congress unable to defend Baghel: PM Modi

The evidence in the Mahadev betting scandal is “so serious and accurate,” according to PM Narendra Modi, that the Congress is finding it difficult to support Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel.

The Prime Minister also gave the people the assurance that the BJP would find the truth and that everyone implicated in the alleged scam, no matter how influential they were, would face punishment.

“None of the prominent Congress leaders are speaking in his favour. Some of them may say something half-heartedly just for formality,” Modi said at a rally in Surajpur.

During the election campaign, the Mahadev controversy has become a big issue as both major parties have traded accusations and tried to influence public opinion. A major participant in the scheme has allegedly admitted to giving the CM a bribe of Rs 508 crore, according to the ED, which is looking into the case. PM Modi remarked, “The betting scandal in Chhattisgarh is echoing across India and the entire world,” and he asked voters to support the BJP if they wanted the people involved in the Mahadev affair to face consequences.

Regarding the state of affairs in Chhattisgarh, the PM said, “These days it is ’30 take kakka, khule aam satta’.” He continued by questioning how this had become a gambling nest, bringing up the significant sums found during raids. Modi said someone facing such charges should not sit in the CM’s chair.

The PM also accused Congress of failing to curb Maoist insurgency in Chhattisgarh. “Wherever Congress is in power, the rule of crime and loot prevails. Naxals and terrorists get emboldened. News of bomb blasts and murders are reported from here and there.”

Baghel accused BJP of weaponising ED and the income-tax department, stating that central agencies are acting on behalf of the party during the poll. “The person whose money has been seized has a photo with former CM Raman Singh. Until the day before yesterday, no one knew Shubham Soni, yet he suddenly became the owner of Mahadev Book. Before that, ED used to refer to him as an officer,” he said.

Responding to Uddhav Thackeray’s remarks that Baghel would be clean if he switched to BJP, the CM said: “It’s a sarcastic comment by the Sena leader, but many facing cases have had their names cleared after joining BJP.”

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Source: TOI

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