Wrestler Sakshi Malik Allegedly Subjected to Brutality: Team Claims She Was Dragged by Delhi Police

False Rumors Circulate Amidst Protest Detention


In a distressing turn of events, wrestler Sakshi Malik finds herself in a state of anguish after allegedly being subjected to forceful treatment by the Delhi Police. As her team took to Twitter, they expressed their concern over the incident, stating that Sakshi Malik was “brutally dragged and pushed into the bus,” causing her significant pain and distress. Moreover, the team vehemently dismissed the spread of baseless rumors, clarifying that reports claiming Sakshi Malik had been involved in the killing of a policeman are entirely false.

The chaotic scene unfolded as the protesting wrestler, Sakshi Malik, was detained by authorities on Sunday while attempting to partake in a march towards the newly constructed parliament. The clash between the athlete and the Delhi Police resulted in a distressing encounter, leaving Sakshi Malik in a state of physical discomfort and emotional turmoil.

Following the incident, Sakshi Malik’s team took to social media to shed light on the alleged mistreatment she endured. In their Twitter statement, they expressed concern over the wrestler’s well-being, highlighting the forceful actions taken by the Delhi Police that resulted in her being forcefully dragged and pushed into a bus. The team’s message sought to dispel any misinformation circulating in certain media channels, particularly refuting claims that Sakshi Malik was involved in the killing of a police officer. The team categorically denounced these reports as entirely baseless and lacking any truth.

Amidst the backdrop of the ongoing protest and detention, Sakshi Malik’s plight serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by individuals exercising their right to peaceful demonstration. The incident raises questions regarding the use of force by authorities and highlights the importance of ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals involved in such demonstrations.

As the situation continues to unfold, it is crucial for authorities to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident, providing a fair and transparent account of the events that transpired. The well-being of Sakshi Malik, as well as the broader implications for peaceful protests, remains at the forefront of public concern.


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