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UGC Chief Warns: Fake Universities Face Legal Action

Thousands of students’ futures are likely to be jeopardized when the University Grants Commission deemed up to 20 universities to be fraudulent. In August, the higher education regulatory agency published on its website a list of universities and institutes in eight states that had been issuing degrees in contravention of UGC standards.

Furthermore, the UGC has issued a show cause/warning letter to these bogus institutes. “A public notice has also been posted on the UGC website to warn students and the general public.” If it is discovered that the fraudulent institution has not ceased activities despite the show cause notice, a FIR will be filed,” M. Jagadesh Kumar, head of the UGC, told FE Education Online.

According to a UGC announcement issued on August 1, 2023, Delhi has the most fake universities, with eight. “We have communicated with the state governments, and we will follow up to shut down and take action against such institutes,” Kumar said.

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Regarding the relief options being discussed for students who have already spent a year or so in these colleges, Kumar stated that the regulatory body sends a notification every year to notify the public about the presence of fake universities in the country. “Students are advised to check the UGC website for recognized universities before admission,” he added.

Degrees conferred by such educational institutions will be neither accepted nor legitimate for higher education or employment purposes, according to the UGC announcement. These institutes have previously provided educational program in violation of the UGC Act. “By identifying and notifying fraudulent institutions, the UGC safeguards students from falling victim to them.”

“The UGC encourages students to consult the UGC portal’s list of recognized institutions to ensure that they pursue courses that meet essential academic standards,” Kumar added.

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