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UGC bars universities from using Aadhaar number on degrees and certificate

The University Grants Commission has informed universities that printing a student’s Aadhaar number on their degrees and provisional certificates is not permitted. The higher education regulator’s instruction comes amid allegations that some states are considering writing complete Aadhaar numbers on provisional certificates and degrees granted by universities.

These numbers would then be used to verify the validity of the papers at the time of hiring or admitting applicants. In a letter to universities, UGC Secretary Manish Joshi stated that “according to rules, no entity in possession of an Aadhaar number shall make public any database or record containing the same unless the number has been redacted or blacked out through appropriate means.”

“It is not permitted to print Aadhaar numbers on diplomas or provisional certificates. The UIDAI’s norms and regulations must be carefully followed by higher education institutions, he continued.

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