TMC MP Mahua Moitra Expresses Concern as New Parliament Inaugurated, Calls for Upholding Democracy

Opposition Parties Raise Concerns over PM's Role in Inauguration Ceremony


TMC MP Mahua Moitra voiced her criticism towards the Centre following the inauguration of the new Parliament, expressing concerns about the state of the republic. In a symbolic gesture, she shared a picture of PM Narendra Modi holding the ‘sengol’ (the traditional weapon of Bengal) with the caption “God save the king,” highlighting her apprehension about the current state of affairs. The opposition parties echoed her sentiment, denouncing the inauguration as not only a grave insult but also a direct assault on the country’s democracy.

Moitra’s remarks underscore her deep-seated concerns regarding the functioning of the government and the potential implications it may have for the democratic fabric of the nation. Her reference to the king serves as a metaphorical expression of the need for safeguarding democratic values and principles in the face of perceived challenges.

The opposition parties echoed Moitra’s sentiments, emphasizing the significance of upholding the tenets of democracy and expressing their apprehensions regarding the PM’s central role in the inauguration ceremony. They believe that the ceremony itself symbolizes a shift away from the principles of a republic and raises concerns about the consolidation of power.

The inauguration of the new Parliament has become a focal point for discussions surrounding the state of democracy in the country. It has prompted broader conversations about the importance of preserving democratic institutions and ensuring checks and balances within the system.

As the nation grapples with these concerns, it becomes crucial to engage in constructive dialogue and promote the values that underpin a thriving democracy. This includes upholding the principles of accountability, transparency, and respect for dissenting voices.

The remarks made by Moitra and the opposition parties serve as a reminder of the vital role played by elected representatives in safeguarding democratic values. Their concerns shed light on the need for a collective effort to address potential challenges and strengthen the democratic foundation of the nation.


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