‘Smile Practice Seminars’ Help Japanese Rediscover Joy Behind Masks

Japanese Attend Workshops to Relearn Smiling Amidst COVID-19 Mask-Wearing


Amidst the lingering impact of COVID-19 and prolonged mask-wearing, reports from Japan reveal a growing trend of individuals seeking workshops and seminars focused on relearning the art of smiling. Many Japanese people express feeling disconnected from their smiles due to the extended periods of wearing face masks, prompting them to actively engage in “smile practice” sessions. These workshops aim to reignite the joy and expressiveness associated with genuine smiles.

Following the relaxation of Japan’s mask mandate in March of this year, individuals now have the freedom to choose whether to wear masks or not. However, the extended duration of mask usage has left some feeling disconnected from the facial expression that symbolizes happiness and connection.

In response to this sentiment, specialized workshops and seminars have emerged, offering participants the opportunity to rediscover the power of a genuine smile. Attendees engage in exercises and activities designed to reconnect with their natural ability to express joy and warmth through facial expressions.

These ‘smile practice seminars’ are gaining popularity as individuals recognize the importance of non-verbal communication and the positive impact a sincere smile can have on personal well-being and social interactions. By actively participating in these sessions, attendees hope to overcome the emotional toll brought about by the pandemic and reclaim their ability to express joy and connect with others.

This trend showcases the resilience and adaptability of the Japanese people in the face of challenging circumstances. Rather than letting prolonged mask usage dampen their spirits, individuals are proactively seeking opportunities to rekindle the essence of their smiles.

As Japan navigates the post-pandemic era, these smile practice seminars serve as a powerful reminder of the significance of human connection and the enduring human spirit. By collectively engaging in activities that reignite the joy behind masks, individuals are reclaiming their smiles and fostering a sense of unity and positivity in their communities.

While the Japanese government acknowledges that mask usage is a personal choice, the emergence of smile practice workshops highlights the intrinsic value of smiles in Japanese society. By investing time and effort into rediscovering the power of their smiles, individuals are reclaiming an essential aspect of their identity and nurturing their emotional well-being in the process.

As the country embraces the journey toward recovery and rebuilding, these smile practice seminars not only bring a renewed sense of happiness but also serve as a powerful symbol of resilience, hope, and the ability to find joy amidst adversity.


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