Singer Chinmayi Sripada Questions DMK’s Moral Stand on Wrestler Support

Alleges Political Bias and Hypocrisy in Party's Approach


Renowned singer Chinmayi Sripada recently commended the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) for their support towards wrestlers. However, she expressed her belief that the party would have taken a different stance had Brij Bhushan, a wrestling official, been a Tamilian. Sripada questioned the party’s moral high ground and accused them of shielding individuals involved in sexual offenses within their own circles.

In her candid remarks, Sripada acknowledged the DMK’s positive efforts in standing up for wrestlers’ rights. However, she raised concerns about potential bias and double standards in the party’s approach. Sripada suggested that if the situation involved a Tamilian individual like Bhushan, the party would have taken a different stance, possibly shaming the wrestlers and supporting the accused.

The singer further delved into the moral implications of political parties criticizing each other while harboring individuals involved in sexual offenses within their own ranks. She questioned the right of political parties to claim the moral high ground while engaging in what appears to be a political blame game. Sripada’s remarks highlight the need for parties to address internal issues and hold themselves accountable before criticizing others.

Her comments shed light on the complexities of political dynamics and the potential for biases based on regional identity. Sripada’s observations serve as a reminder that political parties should strive for consistency and fairness in their actions, irrespective of the individual’s background.

While applauding the DMK’s support for wrestlers, Sripada’s remarks draw attention to the broader issue of hypocrisy within political circles. By raising questions about the party’s potential biases and shielding of individuals accused of sexual offenses, she encourages a deeper reflection on the moral standards upheld by political entities.


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