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SC Order Against B.Ed. Holders as Primary School Teachers

According to Amit Anand Choudhary, the Supreme Court has decided that only those with a diploma in basic education may be chosen as primary school teachers because B.Ed. holders are not prepared to have the pedagogical skills to handle kids. It invalidated the 2018 National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) announcement that listed B.Ed. as an essential requirement for primary teachers.

According to the court, hiring instructors who are unqualified to instruct young children at the elementary level would degrade the quality of education because the right to education includes access to a quality education.

SC: NCTE didn’t apply to make B.Ed. a qualifying degree
A Supreme Court bench distinguished between the pedagogical approach necessary from a teacher at the primary level (Classes I–IV) and higher classes, saying that these are the initial formative years where a student has just stepped inside a classroom and as a result needs to be handled with care and sensitivity.

The court observed that the National Council for Teacher Education did not prioritize a teacher’s pedagogical abilities and stated, “It (our priority) is not to impart ‘quality’ education, but to provide more job avenues to B.Ed.-trained candidates, as this seems to be the only reason for their inclusion, even in the presence of overwhelming evidence that B.Ed. course is not a suitable course for primary classes.”

“Today, children’s access to a basic education is protected by the Constitution’s Part III, Article 21A. Every kid (up to the age of 14) has a fundamental right to receive an elementary education that is both free and required. However, unless it is also a meaningful education, free and required primary education is useless. A bench of Justices Aniruddha Bose and Sudhanshu Dhulia stated, “In other words, basic education has to be of good quality and not just a ritual or formality.

The candidate who has a D.El.Ed. in elementary education is qualified to work with students at this level since he has completed a pedagogy course. A person with a B.Ed. degree has received the necessary training to instruct secondary and higher secondary students. The Act requires the “academic authority,” which is NCTE, to establish a curriculum and evaluation process for a child’s holistic development, taking into account all of their potential worries and anxieties.

According to the SC, the National Council for Teacher Education made the decision to accept the B.Ed. as a qualifying degree for primary teachers based solely on the Center’s recommendation. Prior to 2018, only elementary education diploma holders were eligible to apply for teaching positions at that level.

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