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Prime Minister Modi to Launch Bengaluru-Hyderabad Vande Bharat Express

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will essentially launch nine Vande Bharat Express trains, one of which being the eagerly anticipated Bengaluru–Hyderabad Vande Bharat train. The two IT centres, which are also the capital cities of Karnataka and Telangana, are projected to have improved connection thanks to the semi-high speed train.

This Vande Bharat Express travels in about seven and a half hours, which is more than an hour faster than any other trains now operating on this route.

 There will not be any stops on the Bengaluru-Hyderabad Vande Bharat Express in Karnataka. Between Kacheguda (Hyderabad) and Yeswantpur (Bengaluru), the train will make stops at the railway stations of Mahabubnagar, Kurnool, Anantapur, and Dharamavaram.

At 5.30 am, the train will depart Kacheguda and arrive at Yeswantpur at 2 pm. By 2.45 pm, it will resume in Yeswantpur, and by 11.15 pm, it will arrive in Kacheguda. It will run six days a week, with the exception of every Wednesday when maintenance work will stop it.

 According to reports, this train will travel between Bengaluru and Hyderabad at an average speed of 70 and 90 kilometres per hour.

 All three of Karnataka’s Vande Bharat Express trains depart from Bengaluru, including this one.

The cost of a ticket for this Vande Bharat Express is yet to be announced by South Western Railways. According to reports, the railway officials have submitted a fixed fare for approval to the federal government.

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Vande Bharat is anticipated to speed up and improve train travel between Bengaluru and Hyderabad, where many IT experts, business people, and students frequently commute.

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Source: HT

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