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Prayagraj Police to Implement AI for Traffic Control

Artificial intelligence will be used by the Prayagraj police to help them better control the city’s traffic.

Police officers have intended to eliminate regular traffic congestion from the city before Mahakumbh-2025. According to the concept, traffic signals would operate autonomously based on traffic flow using AI technology, and depending on the volume of traffic at a signal crossing, the timing of the signal will be adjusted to avoid backups.

The municipal administration has begun taking steps in this area in order to maintain smooth and trouble-free traffic flow on major bathing days when a significant number of pilgrims and automobiles enter the city.

According to officials, in-depth research is also being done for this reason on engineering designs, traffic pressure, road and crossing shapes, and road geometry. In this direction, a report will be written and sent to the government.

The Traffic Police is also using satellite mapping to pinpoint 10 locations where there are frequent traffic congestion. GT Jawahar Crossing, Alopibhag, Sohbatiabagh, Lok Sewa Ayog Crossing, Mayo Hall, High Court, Rambagh, and Johnstonganj Crossing are the routes found using satellite imaging.

According to traffic inspector Amit Singh, actions are being taken to eliminate traffic congestion in these areas. Routes will occasionally become one-way. If traffic is controlled from one side, no traffic jams will develop.

Some locations see more traffic flow and congestion during morning and evening rush hours when people leave for work or arrive home. Artificial intelligence will be utilised to manage traffic on certain roads. At morning signals along these roads, the green light will increase in timing while the opposing signal will have a red light. The system will also alter in the evening. On evening return journeys, the green signal period will be extended. He also said that artificial intelligence would function in accordance with the amount of traffic at the crossings.

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Source: HT

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