Police say quacks are running OPDs, ICUs, deliveries, and medical claims at 30 fake hospitals busted in Gurugram in three months

According to investigators, the suspect was apprehended on the spot, and two ultrasound machines, as well as an illegally obtained MTP kit, were discovered at the hospital. In addition, a few additional hospitals run by quacks were providing OPD services in addition to intravenous injections, bandages, plasters, and even deliveries.


The police stated on Tuesday (May 09) that a flying squad from the Chief Minister’s office, working with the state health department, busted at least 30 phoney hospitals in Sector-28 Gurugram and detained a quack.

Police claimed that the suspect, who had completed 12th grade, was involved in patient care and was performing ultrasounds and sonography on pregnant women for illegal sex determination tests.

The Haryana police inspected one of the eight-bed facilities and discovered that only a few patients had been admitted for treatment for various ailments. The culprit has been named as Rajumal, a Himachal Pradesh citizen, by authorities.

Investigators also claimed that a few additional clinics run by quacks on a similar model provided OPD treatments in addition to intravenous injections, bandages, plasters, and even deliveries. Some of them even had labs, testing equipment, an ICU, medicines, a labour and delivery room, an emergency department, and even an operating room.

A large number of oral and injectable drugs, medical and blood sample testing equipment, and blank pathological laboratory letterheads were also taken from the scene, according to health department officials.

“You can’t tell they’re frauds when you walk in, but it wasn’t until we checked the papers that we discovered that the majority of these establishments had no valid medical licences and those running them or treating patients had no valid degrees.” The vast majority of them were not even college grads. DSP Inderjeet Yadav told the media that Gurugram is a hotspot for such scam shops.

According to police, the majority of these hospitals are in Palam Vihar, Bilaspur, Kherki Daula, Nathupur, Bajghera, Chakkarpur, Manesar, Dhankot Bhangrola, and other nearby areas.

According to authorities, the incident has been reported to Sector 53 authorities Station and is being investigated.


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