Pariksha Pe Charcha 2023: Key highlights of PM Modi interaction with students

PM Modi Urges End to Corruption, Dynasty, Appeasement on Quit India Anniversary
PM Modi Urges End to Corruption, Dynasty, Appeasement on Quit India Anniversary

PM Modi’s PPC 2023 concludes. Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the event interacted with students, teachers and parents and gave them tips on how to reduce stress, overcome social media distractions, deal with criticism and more.

He also answered questions to what teachers at the event had asked.

Around 38 lakh students have registered for this year’s PPC 2023. As per Education Minister, 20 lakh questions have been received and NCERT has shortlisted the questions on various topics ranging from family pressure, stress management, prevention of unfair means, how to stay healthy and fit, and career selection.

Key Highlights of Pariksha Pe Charcha 2023

  • In response to a student’s query, PM Modi discussed the value of time management. Time management is crucial for exams as well as daily life, according to PM Modi; just make sure to prioritise your tasks. You can learn how to organise your studies at exam time by watching how your mother manages her time.
  • A student questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi on whether one should prioritise doing hard work or smart work. The story of the thirsty crow who had to bring pebbles and dump them into the pot in order to finally drink the water was told by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Participants were confused when PM Modi questioned if their effort was hard or smart. According to PM Modi, the “Thirsty Crow” tale advises us to work hard but wisely. Always use intellect before beginning a task.
  • When asked how to handle a family’s predicament when the outcome is not favourable, Prime Minister Modi responded that while it is normal for families to have aspirations for their children, doing so solely for the purpose of upholding “Social Status” is dangerous.
  • PM Modi stated that you cannot be wiser than a device in response to a query about dependence on technology. More gadgets will be employed in a better method the wiser you are. He encouraged parents to designate a space in their home as a “no device zone.” Anyone entering that area must do so without carrying any electronic devices. The family members will be able to understand each other better because of the increased communication that will result from this.
  • “Criticism is like purifying in a democracy,” the prime minister stated in response to a student at the “Pariksha Pe Charcha” event. The question, according to PM Modi, is not on the syllabus. I firmly believe that criticism is a prerequisite for a healthy democracy as well as a Shuddhi Yagna.
  • PM Modi is asked the final query by teachers. Teachers questioned Prime Minister Modi for Pariksha Pe Charcha 2023’s final question about how pupils ought to conduct themselves in public. According to PM Modi, parents, teachers, and children should be encouraged to participate in society and to be curious. Don’t try to isolate your students, PM Modi continued. Prime Minister Modi urged students to study regional languages during Pariksha Pe Charcha 2023. The PM claimed that by doing this, pupils will connect with and comprehend history more fully.


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