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NEP’s Impact on Management Education Explored at AIMS Convention

The National Education Policy (NEP), as well as its benefits and drawbacks, were discussed during the 34th Annual Management Education Convention, which was held on Thursday at the PSG ITech Convention Centre and was hosted by the Association of Indian Management Schools.

J. Philip, the founder and president of AIMS and the chairman of the Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, made the following statement at the opening remarks: “Management education is utterly overlooked in the study. Any nation that is forward-thinking sees management and technological education as the two primary pillars of its future. In our situation, the single mention of technical education improving management education is found in the entire book (report). “

“The NEP wants universities to change their very nature.” Every institution must be transformed into a multidisciplinary university (under NEP requirements). Because they were intensely focused on one topic, the Post Graduate Diploma in Management became a significant force in the nation, he stated during the occasion.

According to TG Sitharam, chairman of the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), “Vocational courses and regular college education — which are on a par with each other under the policy — upskilling and reskilling, and life-long learning are the central pillars of employability and employment of workers for sustainable enterprise development.”

He claimed that the Centre is attempting to popularize the mother tongue through the NEP, which will help much in fostering an innovative society.

In collaboration with the Indira Gandhi National Open University, the AICTE organizes management programmes in local languages, works to write textbooks in 13 different languages, and considers changing exam formats.

The policy’s need for an obligatory internship is not being followed by many universities, despite the fact that the AICTE’s internship platform has 2.5 crore registered, verified users. There were around 77,000 listed businesses.

He declared, “These 25 years before reaching the 100th year of Independence aka ‘Amrit Kaal’, signifies the perfect time to start a new venture.”

Because NEP talks about agglomeration and multidisciplinary, research and innovation have grown commonplace in recent years, “there are many issues in the NEP, particularly for the management programme—upgrading standalone institutions.”

R Nandagopal, president of the Association of Indian Management Schools, and V Srividya, convenor of AIMS and director of the PSG Institute of Management, talked during the event about the function and significance of management in growing the nation’s economy.

He noted that four firms involved in the Chandrayaan-III project, Centum Electronics, MTAR Tech, Midhani, and Paras Defence, saw a roughly 2,000 crore increase in market valuation this week alone, according to press sources. “This indicates that the 615 crore have already returned… Many jobs will be generated by this. This helps the country’s economy grow, he told the students.

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