Naseeruddin Shah Stands Firm Against Films Degrading Women and Empowering Patriarchy

Emphasizes the Importance of Personal Convictions and Speaking Up


Renowned actor Naseeruddin Shah recently expressed his strong stance against participating in films that degrade women or propagate patriarchal ideologies. Speaking passionately about his principles, Shah emphasized that he would never be a part of such projects that contradict his beliefs.

Shah firmly asserted his commitment to maintaining integrity in his choice of film roles. He made it clear that if a film promotes the degradation of women or reinforces patriarchal norms within society, he would decline the opportunity without hesitation. The actor’s unwavering stand showcases his dedication to selecting projects that align with his values and ethics.

Additionally, Shah emphasized the importance of actors using their platform to voice their opinions and concerns. However, he acknowledged that many actors refrain from doing so due to fears and apprehensions. The actor’s candid remarks shed light on the challenges faced by artists who wish to express their convictions openly, indicating a need for a more supportive environment within the film industry.

Shah’s statements reflect his commitment to making conscious choices that contribute to a more equitable and inclusive society. By refusing to participate in projects that degrade women or empower patriarchal structures, he sets an example for his peers and aspiring actors to stand firm in their principles.

The veteran actor’s unwavering stance serves as a reminder that artists hold immense influence and should use their platform responsibly. Shah’s refusal to compromise his values in the face of potential opportunities showcases his dedication to his craft and his commitment to promoting positive narratives that contribute to social progress.


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