Maha opposition slams Yogi Adityanath’s road show in Mumbai

Maha opposition slams Yogi Adityanath's road show in Mumbai
Maha opposition slams Yogi Adityanath's road show in Mumbai

Mumbai: Launching an attack on the ‘road show’ to be held by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath here today, Shiv Sena in its mouthpiece ‘Saamana’ on Thursday said that Yogi’s Mumbai ‘road show’ is a BJP backed political game.

The editorial also pointed out that the chief minister had promoted himself by giving full-page advertisements in newspapers.

“Yogi Adityanath keeps coming to Mumbai every now and then, but before coming this time, he promoted himself and his state by giving full-page advertisements in all the newspapers. ‘Uttar Pradesh is the growth engine of New India. This engine will give new momentum to your business,’ it is said in this advertisement,” it said.

‘Saamna’ also questioned the need for Yogi to hold a ‘road show’ in Mumbai to attract investment.

“It was broadcast that Yogi is going to hold a roadshow for the industrial development of Uttar Pradesh near this hotel of Taj Mahal Palace Colaba,” it said.

The Saamana editorial further demanded that Yogi should reveal the details about the “Road Show” once it happens, asking questions such as “Did this road show actually happen? Which industrialists actually participated in Yogi’s ‘road show’ and how much wealth was invested? This should also be publicized.”

“Meeting industrialists, and giving a presentation about the industrial policy of your state is one thing and organizing ‘road shows’ to attract industrialists is another. Yogi’s Mumbai ‘road show’ is a BJP-backed political game,” the editorial charged.

The editorial further argued that Yogi’s move was aimed at investing Hindi-speaking voters for the Mumbai Municipal Corporation elections in the name of industrialists.

The editorial referred to an upcoming visit by Maharashtra’s Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister, Industry Minister and fifty other people to attend the Global Investors’ Council to be held at Davos, while questioning Yogi’s planned Mumbai ‘road show.’

‘Saamna’, further in its editorial said, “Through this, Maharashtra has made preparations to bring an investment of 60 to 65 thousand crores. The Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister and their families will visit Davos to interact with investors. They will not hold ‘road shows’ on the streets of Davos to attract investors to Maharashtra.”

Terming Yogi Adityanath a ‘sensible’ and ‘simple’ leader, it said, “Don’t lose your reputation by following the advice of the estranged leaders of Maharashtra.”

The editorial also suggested that Yogi Maharaj should go to the neighbouring state of Gujarat along with Mumbai for the industrial development of his state, it said, “Why not organize a grand ‘road show’ on the road to Gandhinagar to attract investors towards Lucknow? Many big industries from Maharashtra including Mumbai were taken away to Gujarat. At present, investors from all over the world are shown the way to Gujarat by the central government.”

The editorial further took a potshot at the central government for the transfer of big projects from Mumbai to Gujarat.

“Big projects like Vedanta Foxconn, Air Bus, and International Economic Center of Maharashtra were forcibly shifted to Gujarat. We will also be happy if any project of Gujarat goes to Uttar Pradesh i.e. ‘Express Pradesh’ through one of Yogi’s roadshows.”

Claiming Maharashtra’s investment worth ₹ 2.5 lakh crore had already been damaged, the editorial said, “The employment of two lakh people also got drowned. All these jobs and investments were diverted towards Gujarat. In the case of Mumbai, this kind of deceit continues. Still, ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ Yogi is welcome.”

The editorial termed the states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh as industrially backward and said, “This is a tie-up for the industrialists and investors of Mumbai to set up industries in their state. To speed up the development of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Maharaj keeps coming to the city of Mumbai. We don’t think there is anything wrong with that. “

‘Saamna’, further in its editorial said that Uttar Pradesh is an ‘express state,’ and Yogi gave information about six expressways and five international airports in his advertisement.

“Uttar Pradesh is the engine of development and Yogi’s plane landed in Mumbai to refuel that engine. Yogi ji appeared to influence the big industrialists of Mumbai and for that, he should be welcomed,” it said.

Stating that Mumbai has always contributed to the development of Uttar Pradesh, it said, “Lakhs of Hindi speaking people came to Mumbai for livelihood and established themselves well and on their financial support, lakhs of stoves are burning in Uttar Pradesh.”

‘Saamna’, further said that it is good if industrialists from Mumbai develop Uttar Pradesh.

“Due to this, the burden of population on Mumbai will also be lightened.”

Terming Yogi to be obsessed with Mumbai, it said, “It is auspicious to have the feet of a saint-like Yogi in Mumbai. These steps should also turn towards Gujarat’s land for the development of Uttar Pradesh.”

Terming Yogi a good man in a saffron robe with a politician hidden in him, it said, “Your development engine accelerates on the fuel of Mumbai. That’s why have respect for Maharashtra. Yogi has to take a flight to Delhi tomorrow. Even then fuel will be used!”


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