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‘Kavach’: The Life-Saving Shield for Trains Remains Unutilized on Odisha Route

In a regrettable turn of events, the Indian Railways revealed that its advanced anti-collision system for trains, known as ‘Kavach,’ was not deployed on the route where the tragic train accident occurred in Odisha. ‘Kavach’ stands as a formidable shield against accidents caused by human errors, such as Signal Passing At Danger (SPAD) and over-speeding, yet its absence on the Odisha route left an unsettling void of protection.

Designed to avert potential disasters, ‘Kavach’ acts as a vigilant guardian by actively controlling the speed of a train through the automatic application of brakes, ensuring safety even in critical situations. By seamlessly intervening when a loco pilot fails to initiate braking, ‘Kavach’ serves as an indispensable safety net, potentially preventing catastrophic accidents.

One of the remarkable features of ‘Kavach’ lies in its ability to facilitate direct communication between locomotives, fostering a comprehensive collision avoidance mechanism. This effective communication system ensures that vital information is swiftly relayed from one train to another, enabling timely course corrections and preemptive actions.

Despite its proven efficacy in averting accidents and offering enhanced passenger safety, the absence of ‘Kavach’ on the Odisha route has raised concerns and led to introspection within the Indian Railways. The non-deployment of this life-saving technology has underscored the need for comprehensive and meticulous planning to ensure the safety of rail travel.

The Railways, known for its steadfast commitment to passenger welfare and safety, expressed deep remorse over the oversight that led to the exclusion of ‘Kavach’ on the Odisha route. Recognizing the significance of this advanced system, authorities have pledged to reassess and expedite the deployment of ‘Kavach’ across critical routes, leaving no room for compromise when it comes to passenger security.

As investigations into the Odisha train accident continue, the absence of ‘Kavach’ serves as a somber reminder of the imperative to prioritize the implementation of advanced safety measures in the realm of rail travel. The Railways remains resolute in its commitment to learn from this incident, ensuring that all necessary precautions are taken to safeguard the lives of passengers and prevent such unfortunate accidents in the future.

The ‘Kavach’ anti-collision system stands as a symbol of progress and innovation in the realm of rail safety. Its swift deployment across key routes will serve as an emblem of the Indian Railways’ unwavering dedication to passenger well-being and its resolute stance to create a safer and more secure rail network for all.

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