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ISIS Suspect on NIA’s Most Wanted List Apprehended in Delhi Crackdown

A suspected ISIS terrorist who was on the National Investigation Agency’s (NIA) most wanted list was apprehended in Delhi during the anti-terror agency’s massive crackdown.

The special cell of the Delhi Police detained Shahnawaz alias Shafi Uzzama from a hideout in the nation’s capital. One of many organization’s collaborating with the NIA to disrupt terror networks across various states is the Delhi Police Special Cell.

Additionally, the police have detained a number of people who they believe to be terrorist organization sleeper cells.

Shahnawaz, an engineer by trade, was sought after in connection with the ISIS Pune module investigation. Shahnawaz moved to Pune after leaving Delhi, according to sources. Two of his accomplices were detained in Pune, India, in July during a raid. Shahnawaz was able to escape and make it back to Delhi. Since then, he had been residing in a hideout.

The NIA had earlier this month offered a monetary reward of Rs. 3 lakh apiece for information leading to the arrest of Rizwan Abdul Haji Ali, Talha Liyakat Khan, and Abdulla Faiyaz Shaikh alias Diaperwala.

It is known that Shahnawaz, Abdulla, and Rizwan were radicalized into enlisting in the ISIS mission through the Telegram app. They were allegedly connected to an ISIS module in Pune, Maharashtra. According to NIA sources, they aimed to incite terror and bloodshed throughout the nation. Sources claim that Abdulla operated a diaper store in Pune that was used to construct explosive devices. He might try to flee to Oman, according to NIA sources.

Rizwan Ali is from Delhi. Security agents detained him and his younger brother in 2018 over claimed ties to ISIS, but they were later cleared of any wrongdoing. After a deradicalization programme, he was freed. He told his family that he is running a computer firm when he returned to Pune two years ago.

He got married, and he and his wife resided there. After Rizwan’s father’s health began to deteriorate, the couple left for Delhi. He left his house two months ago.

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Source: NDTV

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