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Gurugram and Faridabad to Establish Their Own RAF Companies

After learning from the communal confrontations in Nuh on July 31 and their spillover into Faridabad and Gurugram, both districts will now have their own Rapid Action Force (RAF) companies. To combat emergencies, police units will select and train a section of its officers along the lines of the RAF.

The newly appointed Commissioners of Police (CP) of both districts made the decision. Gurugram CP Vikas Arora stated that there will be five enterprises, one at the headquarters and the others in four other zones.

“They will be our own cops, but they will be specially trained to act in situations such as riots to manage crowds.” On normal days, they will carry out regular tasks, but in times of crisis, they will operate like the RAF,” Arora explained. He stated that they would have all of the necessary equipment within a month. Similarly, three such RAF units, led by DSPs, have been located in Faridabad.

“We must be prepared for any situation that may involve the mob.” The units will consist of over 25 cops, each of whom will be trained in unique procedures similar to those used by the RAF. “The situation in the district is normal, but we want to be ready,” Faridabad CP Rakesh Kumar Arya remarked. In a caution against hate speech, Arora stated that violence is no longer communal in nature, but rather the activity of miscreants.

“Hate speech and communal crimes are not tolerated.” We had parents come to us in tears because their sons had committed such crimes, both offline and online, and had damaged their future,” added Arora.

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