Delhi Government Transferred Chief Secretary Naresh Kumar

Proposal to Appoint Praveen Kumar Gupta as Replacement Chief Secretary


The Delhi government has approached the central government seeking approval for the appointment of IAS officer Praveen Kumar Gupta as the new Chief Secretary of Delhi, replacing Naresh Kumar, who is set to retire later this year. The move comes in light of the recent ruling by the Supreme Court’s Constitution Bench, which favored the Delhi government’s position regarding control over the bureaucracy.

The request to transfer Chief Secretary Naresh Kumar signals a significant development in the administrative setup of Delhi. With Naresh Kumar’s retirement approaching, the Delhi government aims to fill the crucial position with Praveen Kumar Gupta, a seasoned IAS officer.

The Supreme Court’s ruling on the matter of bureaucratic control has been pivotal in reshaping the power dynamics between the Delhi government and the central government. This ruling reinforces the Delhi government’s authority in making decisions related to administrative appointments and transfers within the capital city.

The proposed appointment of Praveen Kumar Gupta as the new Chief Secretary is likely driven by his expertise and experience in the civil services. As the highest-ranking bureaucrat in Delhi, the Chief Secretary plays a pivotal role in coordinating and implementing government policies and programs.

The central government’s response to the Delhi government’s request for the transfer of Chief Secretary Naresh Kumar remains to be seen. However, with the Supreme Court ruling in favor of the Delhi government’s control over bureaucracy, it is expected that the proposal for Praveen Kumar Gupta’s appointment will receive due consideration.

In conclusion, the Delhi government has sought the central government’s approval to replace Chief Secretary Naresh Kumar with Praveen Kumar Gupta. This move comes in the wake of the Supreme Court’s ruling affirming the Delhi government’s authority over the bureaucracy. The proposed appointment of Praveen Kumar Gupta as the new Chief Secretary reflects the Delhi government’s intent to ensure a smooth transition in leadership and maintain effective governance in the capital city.


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