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Delhi Government Launches DoE Nirikshan App for Enhanced School Environment

The Delhi government has introduced a mobile app to improve the academic environment for students and staff; this will also provide them the ability to voice any issues pertaining to the school. The DoE Nirikshan application was created to make it easier for students and instructors to express issues about the school and to ensure that those complaints are promptly addressed. 

“Students’ and teachers’ IDs can be used to access the app. It is expected to change how problems are handled in Delhi’s public schools, according to a statement from the Directorate of Education (DoE). 

“The DoE Nirikshan app serves as a dynamic platform for instant communication, enabling users to submit requests concerning various school-related matters to the administration directly,” it was said further. 

At the zonal, district, and headquarters levels, deputy district education officers will keep an eye on how complaints and inquiries are handled. 

According to the DoE, the app will be useful for informing people, expediting processes, and digitizing inspections of critical elements like facilities, supplies, midday meals, stationery, and uniform-related issues. 

The Arvind Kejriwal government has been working on adopting technology interventions to make the lives of the students and instructors hassle-free, according to Education Minister Atishi, who was speaking about the features of the app. According to Atishi, “The technological intervention by the DoE will prove to be extremely helpful in quickly addressing the needs of students and teachers at school. It will also decrease the duration of complaint redressal by the school administration and the Directorate of Education.” 

Students can handle their academic issues using the Nirikshan application. Problems with suitable desks, benches, or blackboards can make their principal aware of these problems. After submitting their complaints, instructors and students can use the mobile app to monitor the progress of their complaints. 

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