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Delhi Court Orders Action Against Officers for False G20 Summit

A Delhi court has ordered the Delhi Police to take action against those officers who made the false assertion that the G20 Summit prevented the service of a notice in a criminal complaint on a Station House Officer (SHO). [Nisha Oswal v. State & Anr]

Further Sessions The SHO of the Khajuri Khas police station had received notice from Judge Pulasty Pramachala on August 29.

The notice in the name of SHO was returned as having not been delivered on September 6, and the report stated that “due to the G-20 Summit this notice could not be served.”

In light of the fact that the authorities were able to deliver the notice to the relevant branch of the police station but were unable to deliver it to its own SHO, the court stated that the “situation is very strange.”

The Court stated, “It appears that the process server is using this as a false justification for failing to serve his own SHO with the notice and documents.

The judge then forwarded the case to the North-East district’s Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), who was instructed to note the behaviour by the involved process server and other officials “for making false report/excuse before the court.”

The DCP was given the go-ahead to take the required actions or measures against the inept authorities. The matter was scheduled for hearing on September 23 by the Court, which also sent the SHO with new notice. The DCP was instructed to receive the order and check its compliance.

The G-20 Summit will take place in Delhi at the Bharat Mandapam International Exhibition-Convention Centre on Saturday and Sunday. The Delhi Police has placed a number of limits on how much traffic is allowed to move around the city and has encouraged people to take the metro.

The petitioner was represented in the main case by advocate SK Parihar. The respondent was represented by advocate Dhananjay Rana.

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