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Defence Minister Rajnath Singh’s Strong Message to Modernize Armed Forces

The government is making every effort to equip the armed forces with cutting-edge weaponry and training to protect the country from all future threats, said defence minister Rajnath Singh in an Akashvani message to soldiers on the eve of the 77th Independence Day.

“The armed forces can only give their all when they have the best equipment and training.” These actions enhance soldiers’ morale, allowing them to overcome obstacles and emerge triumphant,” he remarked.

According to Rajnath Singh, today’s military forces are being trained with simulators and other modern tactics, and their capabilities are being honed through a series of exercises with friendly countries around the world. What is required is training in niche systems, freshly developing technologies, and shifting military conceptions. To that end, initiatives are being done to teach a significant number of personnel both domestically and overseas, wherever the best training is available.

The minister emphasized different welfare measures adopted for veterans in recent years, saying special attention is being devoted to ensure a dignified life for troops not only during duty but also after retirement. “It is our responsibility to look after those who look after us by putting their lives in danger.” “Over the last nine years, the government has taken several steps to empower soldiers after they retire,” he continued.

Rajnath Singh stated that the administration met the military services’ long-standing demand for the One Rank One Pension program as soon as it took office in 2014. “The scheme was revised this year, and an amount of 8,413 crore was paid to over 17 lakh pensioners,” he said.

Concerning the expanding participation of women in the armed services, the minister stated that various concrete efforts have been done to make the military a more equitable and better working environment for women.

“For the first time this year, women officers were inducted into the Indian Army’s Artillery Regiment.” The commissioning of female officers in the Artillery Regiment demonstrates our government’s commitment to gender equality in the Army. Our government has taken a historic step in admitting brilliant females to Sainik Schools. More than 1,600 girls are currently enrolled in various Sainik Schools across the country. This would promote the participation of heroic daughters in national defence, and they would achieve greater heights in the future,” he continued.

Rajnath Singh emphasised the responsibility of soldiers in defending India’s sovereignty and independence, saying, “The nation stands with its gallant soldiers who protect the borders by putting their lives at risk, without regard for their comforts and facilities.” He remarked that India has traditionally been a peace-loving nation, but that this does not imply that those who cast an evil eye would be spared.

“We seek peace but also demonstrate our commitment to peace through our actions.” But, at the same time, we are extremely clear that if anyone tries to look at us with malice or hatred, our soldiers will respond appropriately,” he continued.

Rajnath Singh went on to say that countries all over the world believe in the bravery of Indian soldiers, which is why India is one of the top nations that contribute to United Nations Peacekeeping operations by deploying troops.

“The soldiers of the Indian Army have worked in difficult conditions and made the ultimate sacrifice to protect humanity.” “You are in high demand for serving in any UN peacekeeping mission because of your exemplary professionalism, humanitarian approach, and courage,” he told the soldiers.

Rajnath Singh described the government-built National War Memorial in New Delhi as “the nation’s tribute to the bravehearts who served the nation until their last breath.”

“On this occasion of 77th Independence Day, whether you are standing on the snowy peaks of Kargil where there is a lack of oxygen to breathe, whether you are in a submarine in the deep sea, whether you are standing in the hot desert of Thar, or whether you are standing in the middle of evergreen forests in the north-east of India, wherever you are, I want to say that you all reside in the hearts of 140 crore Indians,” he said, expressing gratitude to the soldiers.

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