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Chilean Man Discovers Father’s Lost Bank Passbook, Wins Million-Dollar Treasure

Imagine discovering an abandoned relic that instantly turns you into a millionaire. That’s exactly what happened to Exequiel Hinojosa, a Chilean guy who discovered a buried treasure worth millions of dollars in what appeared to be rubbish. This treasure, however, did not sparkle like diamonds; it was his father’s humble, six-decade-old bank passbook that housed the magical key.

Exequiel came across an unassuming item typically overlooked as inconsequential dirt while sifting through clutter during a house cleaning. However, following closer investigation, he realised that this was no ordinary garbage – it was his father’s long-lost bank passbook, a relic from another period. Only his father knew about the bank account, and when he died a decade ago, the knowledge was lost.

Exequiel’s father deposited approximately 1.40 lakh Chilean pesos throughout the 1960s and 1970s, anticipating a future home purchase. While that quantity is about equivalent to $163 in today’s dollars or 13,480 Indian rupees, the worth surpassed its numerical representation at the time.

However, Exequiel’s excitement quickly turned to concern when he discovered that the bank associated with the passbook had long since closed its doors. Furthermore, countless others owned similar passbooks from the same institution, casting doubt on the cash’ recovery. However, a ray of hope shone through a critical element carved onto the passbook: the term “State Guaranteed.” This promise suggested that if the bank failed to meet its obligations, the government would step in to secure repayment.

Despite this commitment, the current government refused to honour it, forcing Exequiel to go to court. He brought his case to court, insisting vehemently that the monies were his father’s hard-earned wealth, bolstered by a government guarantee.

After careful examination, the court found in Exequiel’s favour, ordering the government to return a staggering 1 billion Chilean pesos, equivalent to 1.2 million USD (roughly 10 crore Indian rupees), plus interest and allowances.

Although the administration has appealed the lower court’s decision to the Supreme Court, the outcome remains uncertain. Nonetheless, Exequiel’s adventure highlights the enormous significance of finding forgotten artefacts, demonstrating that even the most little items can sometimes alter fates.

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