‘BJP has spend thousands of crores to distort my image’: Rahul Gandhi on ‘pappu’ tag

Rahul Gandhi to Visit Wayanad on August 12-13 After MP Reinstatement
Rahul Gandhi to Visit Wayanad on August 12-13 After MP Reinstatement

Jammu: Thousands of crores of rupees have been pumped in by the BJP and the RSS systematically to distort my image but the truth always comes out, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said today on his being derisively referred to as “Pappu” on social media.

The Congress will teach the BJP that truth works in this country and not money, power, and arrogance, Rahul Gandhi said as his ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ continues in its final leg.

He was speaking to reporters in Jammu before starting his journey toward the Valley.

“Thousands of crores have been spent to distort my image. This was done systematically by the BJP and its leaders. Thousands of crores can’t hide the truth and you have witnessed it. The truth always comes out,” the 52-year-old said when asked if Congress was spending crores of rupees to counter his “Pappu” image.

He alleged the RSS and the BJP leaders think that anything can be achieved with money and power.

“You can demean anyone, distort anyone’s image, buy any government, anything can be done with money. But that would not be truth. Truth always pushes aside money and power and this stark reality is becoming evident to the BJP leaders slowly,” he said.


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