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Beware of Scam: Fraudsters Target Taxpayers’ Bank Accounts Under Pretense of Refunds

Individuals are now eagerly awaiting their refunds as the deadline for filing Income Tax Returns (ITR) expires on July 31st. While some people have already gotten their reimbursements, others are still waiting. In the middle of this, a new sort of swindle has generated concerns, generating public anxiety. Fraudsters are emptying people’s bank accounts under the pretense of tax rebates.

In this scam, offenders contact individuals and urge them to update their account information, stating that doing so is required in order to receive a refund. Those who fall for this scam, however, have their accounts emptied.

Because of the gravity of the situation, the Press Information Bureau (PIB) conducted a fact check, which proved that the Income Tax Department is not issuing such letters. The disseminated message is fake, and individuals are cautioned to avoid similar schemes.

Furthermore, PIB emphasized that providing personal information with unknown entities should be avoided at all costs. The fraudulent mail often states, “Your income tax refund of Rs. XXXX has been approved.” Please confirm your account number XXXX.

If it is wrong, please adjust your bank account information by clicking on this link.” It is important to remember, however, that the Income Tax Department never solicits account numbers, PINs, or any personal information via messages or emails.

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