Ashish Vidyarthi’s Second Marriage at 60 Sparks Cryptic Posts from First Wife Rajoshi Barua

Rajoshi Barua, Ashish Vidyarthi's first wife, tweets mysterious messages after he marries for the second time at the age of 60


The news of veteran actor Ashish Vidyarthi tying the knot for the second time at the age of 60 has triggered a wave of cryptic posts from his first wife, Rajoshi Barua. After the actor married entrepreneur Rupali Barua from Guwahati, Assam, Rajoshi took to social media to share enigmatic messages, leaving followers speculating about their underlying meaning.

While the details of their separation remain private, Rajoshi’s posts hinted at a mix of emotions, including introspection and personal growth. Through her carefully chosen words, she alluded to the complexities of their relationship and the journey they have embarked on separately.

Ashish Vidyarthi, a National Award-winning actor, was previously married to Rajoshi Barua, the daughter of yesteryear actress Shakuntala Barua. Their union lasted for a considerable period, and the news of his second marriage has undoubtedly stirred curiosity and raised questions about the dynamics of their past and present relationships.

The cryptic nature of Rajoshi’s posts has sparked speculation about the emotions she may be experiencing. Followers and fans have been left intrigued, trying to decipher the underlying message and offering words of support and encouragement.

While divorce and remarriage are common occurrences, particularly in the entertainment industry, the public nature of these events can amplify the emotional impact. Rajoshi’s cryptic posts serve as a reminder of the complexities of human relationships and the different paths individuals may take to find happiness.

As the online community buzzes with curiosity, only time will reveal the deeper meaning behind Rajoshi’s posts and how this new chapter in Ashish Vidyarthi’s life unfolds. The enigmatic messages add an air of intrigue, inviting speculation and reflection on the intricacies of personal relationships and the journeys we undertake to find fulfillment.


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