Anil Dujana, a feared gangster, was killed by UP STF in an encounter near Meerut

Mobster Anil Dujana encounter: The feared mobster Anil Dujana was slain by UP STF in an encounter in Uttar Pradesh's Meerut area. The arrest of Anil Dujana coincides with a crackdown on mafia and gangsters in Uttar Pradesh.


On Thursday afternoon, the Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force (STF) assassinated feared mobster Anil Dujana in an encounter in the Meerut area of Uttar Pradesh. Anil Dujana, the gangster, was a resident of Dujana village in Gautam Buddha Nagar’s Badalpur police station.

Dujana, who was killed, was dreaded in portions of Western Uttar Pradesh and led an organised crime group. The dead gangster faced 62 criminal charges, including 18 counts of murder, extortion, robbery, land grabbing, and eviction.


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