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Adhyayan felt like a dog when he was urged to join parties at 2 a.m

Actor Addhyayan Summan recently spoke about the challenges he faced as a young actor in the industry. Summan revealed that he was asked by casting directors to wake up at 2 am and attend industry parties, which left him feeling like a dog. He further explained that he felt desperate for work and had attended such parties to get noticed.

Summan went on to describe the pressures of the industry and the need to be accepted by those in power. He noted that if someone denied these invitations, they risked hurting the fragile egos of those in power and may not be invited to similar events in the future. Summan also acknowledged that invitations to these parties were reserved for those who had already achieved “something big” in their career.

Summan’s account of the industry shines a light on the difficult and often exploitative working conditions faced by aspiring actors. The pressures to be accepted by those in power can often lead to young actors compromising their values and putting themselves in vulnerable situations. It is crucial to create a safe and supportive environment for aspiring actors, where their talent is recognized, and they are not exploited or subjected to such pressures.

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