Adah Sharma Endures Challenging Conditions on the Set of ‘The Kerala Story’

Actress Shares Glimpses of the Shoot, Highlights Harsh Weather and Dedication


Actress Adah Sharma has given her fans a glimpse into the rigorous shoot of her upcoming film ‘The Kerala Story’ by sharing pictures on her Instagram account. In the post, she revealed the challenging conditions she faced during the filming process and the dedication required to bring her character to life.

The shared photos showcase a sun-kissed Adah, capturing serene moments amidst the picturesque landscapes of Kerala. Alongside the pictures, she candidly mentioned the secret behind her chapped lips, stating that she had to endure dehydration for a staggering 40 hours in sub-zero temperatures of minus 16 degrees Celsius. Her commitment to portraying her role authentically is evident as she embraced the physical demands of the character, even if it meant enduring discomfort.

Adah further shed light on the intense dedication she brought to the project. During a particular scene that required her to fall on the ground, she disclosed that a mattress was provided for practice but remained unused during the actual take. This exemplifies her commitment to delivering a genuine and realistic performance, going the extra mile to ensure the authenticity of her portrayal.

‘The Kerala Story’ promises to be a captivating cinematic experience, and Adah Sharma’s shared insights into the shoot highlight the challenges and sacrifices that actors often make in pursuit of their craft. Her willingness to embrace extreme weather conditions and push her limits demonstrates her passion and determination to deliver an exceptional performance.

As fans eagerly anticipate the release of ‘The Kerala Story,’ Adah Sharma’s behind-the-scenes revelations add another layer of excitement and anticipation. Her dedication and resilience in the face of demanding circumstances serve as an inspiration to aspiring actors and enthusiasts alike, emphasizing the importance of commitment and hard work in the pursuit of artistic excellence.


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