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Kusha Kapila Speaks Out About Divorce with Zorawar, Admits Limiting Posts About Samay Raina

Kusha Kapila recently talked about how she dealt with the online roasting of her divorce from Zorawar Ahluwalia, which went viral a few weeks ago. She addressed the situation during an AMA session on Instagram.

Kusha joined other comedians on the new series, Pretty Good Roast Show S1, where they roasted each other. Samay Raina made several jokes about Kusha’s marriage and recent divorce. During the AMA, Kusha finally shared her feelings about it.

When a user asked her how she handled the brutal roast, Kusha revealed that she restricted phrases like ‘Samay Raina’, ‘Aashish Solanki’, and ‘dark humour’ on Instagram. She responded, “Not my first time on the rodeo. In the large scheme of things, nothing matters. Probably when I have processed all of it, will speak about it on a level-headed podcast (lol do we have any) or maybe never. We will see. This profile continues to be a safe space for my female and queer followers.”

Kusha has previously spoken about being bullied online after announcing her separation, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a positive and supportive online environment.

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