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Kusha Kapila Shared Her Candid Thoughts on Separation and Emotional Struggles

Kusha Kapila has been making headlines ever since her announcement of parting ways with Zorawar Ahluwalia. The actress took to Instagram to share her perspective, stating, “This topic is officially over for me,” addressing the trolling she endured post her success.


Kusha recently posted again, discussing the lingering pain of separation. Her post read, “This experience of grief, or whatever variant I am currently undergoing, is an unusual sensation. As much as I’m burdened by its weight – much like a heavy chest day – I’m also oddly diminished by it, akin to an injured toenail. It’s like a colossal cosmic event in progress, but confined to a microscope slide. Am I exclusive to it? Is this an everlasting sentiment? Will we find mutual fondness, or are we destined to be amicable flatmates until our lease expires? No lease renewal for me, please.”

Reflecting on how her ‘grief’ has altered her, Kusha shared, “It has irrevocably reshaped my appearance, eating habits, speech, and overall being. I feel like an altered version of myself, akin yet not identical… No new elements for my old grief. Familiarity is my reassuring constant; it’s my chicken soup. The new is daunting, almost paralyzing.”

Kusha acknowledged that grief’s unpredictability is overwhelming. She confessed, “I thought I had evaded most stages, denial included. And then it hits you, like a big bang but on a microscopic slide. You observe it all unfold, after all, you’re the one behind the lens. It’s your perspective on it.”

Notable celebrities such as Dia Mirza, Athiya Shetty, Rakhi Sawant, and others reacted to her post, showing empathy and support. Masaba Gupta chimed in, stating, ‘It gets better, K. It really does. Been there done that.’

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