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Kriti Sanon Reflects on National Award Win: ‘Still Sinking In’

Basking in the glory of her recent National Award victory for Best Actress, alongside Alia Bhatt, Kriti Sanon is overwhelmed and finds herself almost at a loss for words. The award was presented at the 69th National Awards ceremony held in the National Capital. Kriti shared her sentiments on the remarkable achievement, revealing that the honor is both a source of excitement and emotion, and she’s still coming to terms with the magnitude of her win.

Kriti’s award-winning performance was in the movie ‘Mimi’, where she portrayed the role of a surrogate mother. In an interview with IndiaToday.In, Kriti shared that the entire experience is gradually sinking in, and she often finds herself pinching to believe it. She expressed how significant this moment is for her family and extended gratitude to the jury for recognizing her exceptional performance.

She also expressed her appreciation for the film’s director, Laxman Utekar. During the filming of ‘Mimi’, he would often tell Kriti, “Mimi, you’ll receive the National Award for this performance.” Despite his confidence, Kriti admitted she never truly believed it, considering it to be a distant dream.

Kriti vividly described the moment she learned of her win. Amid an evening meeting, a flurry of calls suddenly poured in. She had to step out of the meeting to answer them, and that’s when she discovered the news. She recounted, “I literally froze for a few seconds. I told my manager to hold the meeting for a while. I quickly ran towards my parents and shared the news with them. We hugged, we cried…We all got so emotional.”

To mark this special milestone, Kriti and her family chose to celebrate with a simple pizza party at home. She revealed that at her house, spontaneous celebrations involve ordering pizza. Recalling the celebration, she laughed and said, “At my house, impromptu celebrations mean ordering a pizza (she giggled). Be it New Year or any random occasion, we like to treat ourselves to pizza. So, after learning about my win, my mother said, ‘let’s order some pizzas.’ I celebrated this moment by having pizza in my pyjamas with my parents by my side.”

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