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King Charles Distressed Over Prince Harry’s Criticism, Maintains Silence Amid Royal Rift

King Charles remains deeply troubled by Prince Harry’s public criticisms of the Royal Family, with the monarch reportedly experiencing “great pain” over his son’s actions. Despite the passage of several months since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s departure from the royal family, tensions persist within the royal household.

Prince Harry’s candid revelations about royal struggles in a Netflix documentary and his forthcoming memoir, described as a “grenade being thrown into Buckingham Palace,” have intensified the rift between the royals. The strained relationship is evident in the limited communication between King Charles and Prince Harry, with the monarch expressing anger over the distress caused to the late Queen Elizabeth during her final days.

Specifically, King Charles is said to be displeased with Prince Harry’s criticism of Queen Camilla, refusing to entertain demands for an apology and choosing to focus on more pressing matters, such as state affairs.

Reports suggest that communication between the father and son is minimal, reflecting the ongoing discord within the royal family. Recent speculations about Prince Harry’s invitation to King Charles’ birthday celebration reveal a strained relationship, as the source notes that no formal invitation has been extended to the younger son.

The upcoming birthday celebration for King Charles is expected to be a small, intimate dinner in London, attended by close friends. The absence of a formal invitation to Prince Harry further underscores the complexities of the familial relationship, emphasizing the enduring impact of the publicized criticisms on the monarchy.

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