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Key Figures for Phase 7 of Lok Sabha Elections

Polling for the seventh and final round of the massive Lok Sabha elections will take place on June 1, or tomorrow. In the last round of voting, 57 parliamentary seats spread across seven states and the Chandigarh Union territory will cast ballots.

One of the candidates whose fates will be decided in the seventh phase is Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The prime minister is running for office from his current two-term LoArvind Kejriwal to Surrender on June 2, Claimsk Sabha seat in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. In addition, he is running for prime minister a third time in a row.

On June 4, the results of the most recent national polls will be announced.

Here is the Seventh Phase in Numbers:

(1.) Of the 57 seats on which voting will be held, 13 are reserved for candidates from Scheduled Castes and three for those from Scheduled Tribes, according to the Election Commission.

(2.) Odisha’s 42 assembly constituencies (General: 27, SC: 9, ST: 6) will poll simultaneously.

(3.) More than 10.06 crore electors will exercise their right to franchise across 1.09 lakh polling stations that will be maintained by 10.9 lakh officials.

(4.) The voters include 5.42 crore males, 4.82 crore females, and 3574 third-gender electors.

(5.) The Election Commission deployed 13 special trains and eight helicopter sorties to ferry polling and security personnel.

(6.) To oversee the voting process, 172 observers (76 expenditure observers, 64 general observers, and 32 police observes) have been appointed.

(7.) A total of 2707 flying squads, 2799 static surveillance teams, 1080 surveillance teams, and 560 video viewing teams will keep surveillance round the clock.

(8.) Strict vigil to prevent illicit flow of liquor, drugs, cash, and freebies is being carried out through 201 international border check posts and 906 inter-state border check posts.

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