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Kejriwal’s Vision: 24×7 Power, Education, Healthcare for India’s Global Leadership

According to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, India would not be able to become a global leader until every person has access to 24×7 power, decent education, and healthcare. Kejriwal chastised the central government for failing to provide these essential services and challenged a new law giving the Union government responsibility over Delhi’s administration. He also mentioned the importance of addressing power outages, improving education, and providing free healthcare to all inhabitants.

Kejriwal’s address focused on the main program of his government as well as his vision for the country’s future.
India cannot become a global leader until every person has 24×7 access to energy, decent education, and health care, said Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday, displaying the Delhi administration model and criticizing the Centre for the ongoing violence in the city.

In his Independence Day speech, Kejriwal outlined his vision for the country’s development, emphasizing free and reliable power supply, good government schools, and mohalla clinics — his government’s flagship initiatives — and accusing previous administrations of failing to provide these basic necessities. He also criticized a recent law that handed the Union government control over Delhi’s bureaucracy, claiming that giving every person 200 free units of power would cost 1.5 lakh crore, and asking the crowd whether they preferred free power or debt write-offs for businessmen.

“We’ve heard that certain states are experiencing power outages of 7-8 hours. I’d like to know which developed countries in the globe is experiencing power outages. We will not be able to become vishwa gurus (global leaders) unless we handle the 7-8 hours of power outages. “We will have to provide people with 24-hour power,” he stated at the Chhatrasal stadium in north Delhi.

“India has 4.2 lakh megawatts of installed electricity capacity.” The peak demand for electricity is 2 lakh megawatts. Even yet, we do not have a continuous power supply. Mismanagement, corruption, and a lack of vision are to Kejriwal remarked.

Kejriwal, a major leader of the Opposition INDIA coalition, has also criticised the Union administration for ethnic riots in Manipur and recent communal violence in Haryana.

“Manipur is on fire.” One community is attacking another, destroying each other’s shops and raping each other’s women. In Haryana, two communities are at odds with one another. How will India become a worldwide leader in this age of science and technology if we continue to fight each other? “If India is to become the global leader, 140 crore people must live as a family and as a team,” Kejriwal stated.

“Only speech cannot make India vishwa guru..,” he said, in an apparent dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has repeatedly stated his desire to restore India’s rightful place on the world stage.

Kejriwal also slammed the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment) Act, which was signed into law last week and gives the Centre authority of the city’s administration. He claimed that the law robbed the elected government of its rights, but he added that despite the challenges, welfare program such as free energy, bus rides, health care, and schools will continue in the Capital.

“A law was later passed when an ordinance was introduced to trample on Delhi residents’ rights. People are wondering how we will operate. I assure Delhi’s two crore people that we will continue our efforts and challenge it (the modified law) in the Supreme Court to restore the people’s democratic powers. The work that is currently being done will continue unabated, albeit at a slower pace. “They have been putting obstacles in my way since I became CM, but people will continue to get free education, health care, electricity, and bus rides,” Kejriwal stated.

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