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Karmayogi Bharat and NITI Aayog Launch 6 SAMARTH Programs

Karmayogi Bharat, in association with NITI Aayog, has launched 6 SAMARTH Curated Training Programs on the iGOT Karmayogi Platform for State Government officials.

The programs are- 1) SAMARTH Blocks, 2) SAMARTH Zila, 3) SAMARTH Rajya, 4) SAMARTH Rajya Sachiva, 5) SAMARTH Policy, and 6) SAMARTH Procurement. These programs aim to elevate the skills and competencies of government officials, ensuring they are well-equipped to meet the evolving needs of governance.

SAMARTH Blocks: Tailored for citizen-facing officials and local administrators, SAMARTH Blocks, having 14 courses, focuses on building foundational skills crucial for effective local governance.

SAMARTH Zila: Aimed at district-level officials, SAMARTH Zila, comprising 14 courses, is designed to equip learners with the knowledge and tools required to address district-level challenges and drive effective service delivery.

SAMARTH Rajya: Targeting state-level officials, the 14 courses of SAMARTH Rajya seek to equip learners with advanced skills required for steering governance at the state level.

SAMARTH Rajya Sachiva: Tailored for senior officials and state secretaries, this program consisting of 14 courses, focuses on empowering learners with the expertise needed to navigate complex policy landscapes and drive transformative change.

SAMARTH Policy: The 5 courses of SAMARTH Policy delve into the intricacies of policy formulation, policy writing, insights, data analysis, and evaluation.

SAMARTH Procurement: Catering to officials involved in procurement processes, SAMARTH Procurement, having 9 courses, provides specialized training in procurement guidelines, rules, strategies, and considerations.

iGOT Karmayogi (https://igotkarmayogi.gov.in/) is a comprehensive online learning platform to guide government officials in their capacity-building journey. The portal combines six functional hubs for online learning, competency management, career management, discussions, events, and networking. 28 lakh+ learners from across the government spectrum are currently registered on the iGOT Platform having access to 840+ courses.

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